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PTO Issues Interim Examination Instructions for Patentable Subject Matter and Invites Comments

On August 24, the PTO issued interim instructions (not rules) to guide Examiners post-Bilski. I did not see this as a major event, given that the Supreme Court will soon be reviewing the Bilski “machine or transformation” (M or T) … Continue reading

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Federal Circuit Grants Ariad's Petition for Rehearing En Banc to Settle WDR Hash.

At long last, the Federal Circuit will specifically address the questions of (a) whether or not section 112 contains a written description requirement separate from the enablement requirement and, if it does (b) what is its scope and purpose. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Warren Woessner Participates In Virtual Debate With Chris Hansen On The Myriad Lawsuit

Cameron MacKendrick sponsors podcasts on issues of interest in IP law. In this one, I am trying to explain the debate surrounding both the patentability of “natural products” as well as the patentability of diagnostic assays and their relationship t … Continue reading

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Journalism 101: Exergen Corporation v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Attached below is an article by Ronald J. Schutz, Esq., that I think you’ll find interesting. Journalism 101.pdf

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