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Court Blocks Obama’s Stem Cell Order

In December of 2009, I argued that President Obama’s Executive Order 13505, that lifted President Bush’s 2001 Order banning the use of federal funds for embryonic stem cell (ESC) research, should be a Top Biotech Story of 2009. The Bush … Continue reading

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University IP In The News – Expedited Examination And March-In Request

On July 29th, Rep. Frank Wolf (D.-Va.) introduced H.R. 5980 that would give priority to examination of patent applications filed by U.S. universities and by their “patent holding companies.” The definition of the latter seems a bit vague, but is … Continue reading

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Australian Patent Office Grapples With “Obvious To Try”

A note from Bill Bennett of Pizzeys (Australia seems to be adopting the standard from In re O’Farrell just as the US courts are distancing themselves from it): We have previously flagged that the APO might modify their practice in … Continue reading

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Subtitle: “Who’s Your Amicus, Baby?” On July 19th, various Blogs reported that the ACLU (Plaintiffs’ attorney in the appeal of the district court’s ruling in the case sensibly abbreviated by Hal Wegner as AMP v PTO) filed a motion in … Continue reading

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