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“Obamacare” Survives – Including Path to Generic Biologicals

Biotech patent attorneys rejoice – no matter if you represent generic companies or NDA holders,  the 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court upholding the “individual mandate” – not under the commerce clause, but as an appropriate use of Congress’ power to … Continue reading

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Lilly Files Amicus Brief in Myriad Remand – With Friends Like This…

Following its reversal of the Fed. Cir.’s decision in Mayo v. Prometheus (“Mayo”), the Supreme Court GVR’d in response to AMP’s (read: ACLU’s) appeal of Myriad’s claims to isolated DNA sequences and to a method of screening potential anti-cancer drugs … Continue reading

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From The EPO: Oral Proceedings/Interviews Before Examining Division Can Be Held Via Videoconferencing

This is a guest post from Lynnea Fedyk, legal process assistant at Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. Attached are two documents of particular interest regarding Oral Proceedings by video conference and submission of email during video conference. Should you like to … Continue reading

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Will Universities Benefit from their Micro Entity Applicants?

In an introductory post on the USPTO’s proposed rules: “Changes to Implement Micro Entity Status for Paying Patent Fees,” 77 Fed. Reg. 31806 (May 30 2010), my partner, Gary Speier, spent some time on new 35 USC 123(a), which defines … Continue reading

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