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Federal Circuit Knocks Outside the Box’s Inequitable Conduct Charges Out of the Box

The following is a guest post from Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner’s associate Ricardo Moran. The issues on appeal were whether Travel Caddy, Inc. had committed inequitable conduct for: (i) not disclosing the existence of the litigation on U.S. Patent No. … Continue reading

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A front-page article yesterday in the New York Times and other major newspapers reminded me that drug development and methods of medical treatment will be driven by the genomics of increasingly sub-divided patient populations. As reported by GenomeWeb, summarizing an … Continue reading

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1st Media, LLC v. Electronic Arts, Inc. – Specific Intent Means Specific Intent

On September 13th, the Fed. Cir. reversed a district court ruling that the inventor and the attorney who prosecuted a chain of applications claimed multi-media entertainment systems had committed inequitable conduct by failing to disclose three “relevant” references at various … Continue reading

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Akami/McKesson Decision Re-defines Induced Infringement

In a 6-5 decision, the Fed. Cir., sitting en banc, decided two appeals which presented questions closely related to when an actor is liable for inducing infringement under 271(b); Akami Technologies, Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc. and McKesson Tech’s., Inc. … Continue reading

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