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USPTO Memorandum Seeks to Clarify “Inventive Concept” Requirement

On April 19, 2018, the USPTO released a Memorandum from Robert Bahr, The Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy, to the Examiners,  that summarized the support required for a finding whether or not a claim directed to a judicial exception … Continue reading

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Federal Circuit Circumvents Mayo/Alice Rule in Vanda v. West-Ward

After Cleveland Clinic, IP practitioners were left to speculate about the fate of claims directed to methods of medical treatment. These claims seemed next in line for extinction by the Mayo/Alice rule, which I will paraphrase: “If a patent claim … Continue reading

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USPTO Director Outlines Challenges to the Patent System at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Patent Policy Conference

The USPTO released a copy of the “Remarks” made by Director Andrei Iancu, that read like a major policy summary regarding challenges to the US patent system. Specific solutions were not suggested, but Iancu identified two areas that need review … Continue reading

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Highlights of the April 2018 Annual Update

The following are highlights of the April 2018 Annual Update from Don Chisum and Janice Mueller at the Chisum Patent Academy. • Heavily expanded analysis of the patent-specific venue statute, 28 U.S.C. §1400(b), revitalized after 27 years of dormancy by … Continue reading

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