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Ex parte Parenteau – PTAB Skips Step One of the Mayo/Alice Test?

In ex parte Ho, the subject of my last post, the PTAB reversed the Examiner’s rejection of claims to a population of bone marrow cells obtained by two-stage culturing that expressed or failed to express certain markers. The PTAB wrote … Continue reading

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Ex parte Ho – Burden Shifting in s.101 Rejections

In Judge Plager’s concurrence-in-part in Interval Licensing v. AOL, Inc., he describes the “small puzzle” present in the Mayo/Alice analysis of a claim identified as directed to an abstract idea: “[I]f a court, after reviewing challenged claims in light of … Continue reading

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Ex Parte Schwartz – A Pyrrhic Reversal of a 101 Rejection

The PTAB decision reversing the Examiner’s s. 101 rejection in Ex Parte Schwartz, Appeal 2017-004975 (August 2, 2018) both demonstrates the need for more Examiner training on the ever-changing definition/identification of an abstract idea, particularly in the context of inventions … Continue reading

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Ex Parte Nagy – The Reach of the Mayo/Alice Rule Exceeds Its Grasp?

The final rejection of the claims of Nagy’s application Serial No. 14/223,113 was affirmed by the PTAB on July 30, 2018 (Appeal 2017-008793). One of the “representative” claims was directed to the holy grail of diagnostics – the early diagnosis … Continue reading

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