IPO Chat Channel: Inequitable Conduct – A Refresher & Update – April 23rd

Have findings of inequitable conduct due to egregious misconduct become more common post-Therasense or can a simple failure to disclose material prior art still lead to a finding of inequitable conduct? What are the possible consequences to both litigators and patent prosecutors? I will be a panelist on this program, with William Covey, Director of the USPTO’s Office of Enrollment and Discipline and Prof. David Hricik, Mercer University Law School. The webinar will be on April 23rd at 2 PM Eastern Time. (I spoke on Therasense and its progeny at two Annual AIPLA Meetings and have been engaged as an expert witness several times since.) For more info on IP Chat Channel webinars, please go to https://webinars.ipo.org/. Hope you will join us.

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