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The USPTO has announced the implementation of a pilot program, effective from May 16th until September 30th, to permit applicants to file IDS statements after payment of the issue fee in utility and reissue applications, without the need to continue … Continue reading

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A “Modest Proposal” For The RCE Crisis

Commentators, including Prof. Hal Wegner, have been sounding the alarm regarding the increasing number of requests for continuing examination that applicants are filing. The PTO projects 325,000 RCE’s by FY 2018. They have gone further in recent posts, in attributing … Continue reading

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Nonanalogous Art Lives! In Re Klein

Yesterday, the CAFC decided IN RE ARNOLD G. KLEIN 2010-1411, finding error in the USPTO’s rejection of patent claims based on obviousness, using non-analogous art.  You may find the following useful in your prosecution efforts. (A link to the decision … Continue reading

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A Scheme For Maximizing The Benefits Available Under The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

This post is from Mark Horsburgh of Fisher Adams Kelly in Australia. Summary File in Australia first; Request expedited examination (report issues within 3 months); Address objections and obtain acceptance; File in USA and request entry to PPH (faster and … Continue reading

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