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K/S HIMPP v. Hear-Ware Technologies, LLC – Splitting a KSR Hair

In KSR, the Court seemed to encourage the broader use of the “logic, judgment, and common sense available to the person of ordinary skill that do not necessarily require explication in any reference” to resolve the obviousness question.  587 F.3d … Continue reading

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Supplemental Examination Decision Tree – Lots of Dead Branches?

Well, I wish it were that simple, but I keep trying to conjure examples that would lead me to use supplemental examination to “purge inequitable conduct (IC)” that I discover after my patent issues, and which could provide the basis … Continue reading

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New Standard in Effect for Granting Inter Partes Reexaminations

USPTO ISSUING NEW RULES CONCERNING INTER PARTES REEXAMINATION — On September 16, after the President signed the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act into law, the USPTO announced new rules governing the provisions of the Act relating to Inter Partes Reexamination that … Continue reading

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