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Supreme Court Voids Amgen’s Patents using “Undue Experimentation” Standard

In Appeal no. 21-257 (May 18, 2023), the Supreme Court affirmed the judgement of the Fed. Cir. by ruling that all of the claims of Amgen’s U.S. Patent nos. 8,829,165 and 8,859, 741 were invalid due to their failure to … Continue reading

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Indivior v. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory – Homeless on the Range

In Indivior v. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory (“DRL”), Appeal  nos. 2020-2073, -2142 (Fed. Cir., November 24, 2021) a split panel (Lourie [writing] and Dyk, with Linn concurring in part and dissenting in part) affirmed a Board decision that claims 1-5 and … Continue reading

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Amgen v. Sanofi – How Wands Factors make Biotech Claims “Magically” Disappear

While this recent Fed. Cir. decision – Amgen Inc. v. Sanofi, Appeal No. 2020-1074 (Fed. Cir., Feb. 11, 2021) seems predictable, given the fate of antibody claims that recite the target and the function of antibody binding thereto, there are … Continue reading

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American Axle & Manufacturing v. Neapco Holdings–Part II

In my first post on American Axle’s Petition for cert., I focused on the substantive arguments of the parties. Almost as interesting is Part 5 of the Petition, in which AA argues that this is a good case for the … Continue reading

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