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Congress and Trump are out of step on Intellectual Property

This is a guest post from Russell Slifer that first appeared on The Hill (8/30/2018). The Trump administration started its trade war this year with China under the auspices of countering Beijing’s theft of U.S. intellectual property. There is no doubt … Continue reading

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Prioritized Examination Available For A Limited Number Of New Qualifying Applications As Of September 26, 2011

One of the many changes introduced by the new America Invents Act (“AIA”) is an option for “prioritized examination.”  Under the AIA, effective today, September 26, 2011, a new utility or plant patent application (which may also be a new … Continue reading

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Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover And Nine Ways To Attack Patents

As a “quick guide” to the Patent Reform Bill, H.R. 1249, that will soon become law, these are the sections of the Act and of the present statute that will all be, or remain effective, upon enactment, to facilitate blocking … Continue reading

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Judge Michel Takes “Patent Reform” Bills To Task

In an interview with Intellectual Property Watch, former Chief Judge Paul R. Michel set forth, in one place, all of the most problematic (Ed.: read, “worst”) features of the Leahy Smith America Invents Act, versions of which have been passed … Continue reading

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