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Knowles and Prosser Posit that the Expansion of s. 101 by the Supreme Court is Unconstitutional

Sherry Knowles (Knowles Intellectual Strategies, LLC) and Anthony Prosser, one of Knowles’ agents have written an engrossing article (18 J. Marshall Rev; Intell. Prop. L. 144 (2018) arguing that the Supreme Court has meandered so far from the statutory language of … Continue reading

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Director Iancu’s IPO Address and Judge Rich

Although Director Iancu’s address primarily aims at the difficulty of determining when a claim is directed to an abstract idea, his precursor guiding light is clearly the late Judge Giles Rich. Notably, Iancu quotes from Judge Rich. These quotes are … Continue reading

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USPTO Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance – 9th May Forum – Outcome and Opportunities

Guest Post from Paul Cole, Lucas & Co., UK As noted in postings in this and other blogs, controversy has been generated by the publication of new USPTO patent eligibility guidance for laws of nature, natural products and natural phenomena (Andrew … Continue reading

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In re Bergstrom – A Lost Precedent That Should Be “Found”

Since I do a lot of commentary, I read a lot of commentary, and have been struck by how the PTO s. 101 Guidelines on “Laws of Nature” have been criticized as if they are free from the constraints of … Continue reading

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