I would like to congratulate Esther Kepplinger on her appointment by Commerce Secretary Locke to the Patent Public Advisory Committee, along with Steven W. Miller of P&G and Dr. Benjamin Borson. Although I have not always been sure just what this committee has been asked to do in the past – it is supposed to advise the Director on PTO operations – Esther is well-qualified to increase its efficacy. Prior to joining her current firm, she was Deputy Commissioner for Patent Operations in the USPTO, where she worked with Steve Kunin on patent examination policy. In the past, she was also a patent examiner and supervisor in biotechnology, and holds a B.S. in biology.

I have known Esther for many years. If you would like to say “hello”, she will be speaking on a panel that I organized on patentable subject matter, “You Can’t Patent That! Can You?” at the Annual Meeting of AUTM in New Orleans on March 19th. Y’all come!

Read more about Esther’s appointment at Patent Docs

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