Biden’s Nominee to the Fed. Cir. is Perkins Coie Litigator

Tiffany P. Cunningham is a partner in the patent litigation practice of Perkins Coie. Importantly, she has a degree in Chemical Engineering from M.I.T. before receiving her J.D. from Harvard. The Court is in need of a judge that is familiar with STEM issues, particularly in life sciences technology. Judges Lourie and Newman are not young anymore, leaving Judges Moore, Stoll and Chen as the only “young” judges with technical degrees (They are EE’s). Judge Prost holds a B.S. from Cornell but I can’t determine her major.

Most of Ms. Cunningham’s (extensive) litigation experience appears to have been gained in litigations involving computer science, such as “computer network security,” “streaming technology”, “map navigation technology”, and “vehicle telematics”. However, she also has ANDA litigation experience involving “anti-viral drugs” as well as curable “prepolymer compositions” and “dental composite technology.” The court needs a life sciences oriented judge, e.g., a major in biochemistry or cellular biology, but this is a step in the right direction.

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