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Revised 2014 Interim Guidance on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Released by PTO

On Monday, December 15th, the Patent Office released revised “Guidance” on the evaluation of subject matter patent-eligibility under s. 101. (A copy is available at the end of this post.) The “Guidance” is an attempt to unify the analyses that … Continue reading

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Commil USA v. Cisco Systems – Induced Infringement In For Clarification

Supreme Court granted cert. to resolve the question of whether or not a defendant’s belief that a patent is invalid is a defense against a charge of inducing infringement. The question appears to rest on Judge Newman’s characterization given in her … Continue reading

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FDA Accepts First Biosimilar Application for Review

In an important step forward for the introduction of “generic biological,” the FDA announced that it has accepted Sandoz’s application to market a generic version of Amgen’s Neupogen®, which stimulates white blood cell production. As you may recall, about two years … Continue reading

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Gone Judge – Judge Randall Rader To Resign

Before stepping down as Chief Judge of the Fed. Cir. on May 30th, Judge Rader had sent a letter to his colleagues on the court apologizing for sending an email to an attorney who had appeared before the court a … Continue reading

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