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Nautilus v. Biosig – Solving Insoluble Ambiguity?

Today the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Fed. Cir.’s standard for resolving challenges to validity under s.112 para.2, based on whether or not a claim was “amenable to construction” and not “insolubly ambiguous”. Noting that Nautilus had urged that a patent … Continue reading

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A front-page article yesterday in the New York Times and other major newspapers reminded me that drug development and methods of medical treatment will be driven by the genomics of increasingly sub-divided patient populations. As reported by GenomeWeb, summarizing an … Continue reading

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Mayo v. Prometheus – A European View

A Guest Post from Paul Cole, European Patent Attorney, Lucas & Co; Professor of IP law, Bournemouth University. Is a claim to an assay patent-eligible when all its features are known save for how it should be interpreted? The interpretation … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me – Patents4Life is Three!

Three years ago, when I started this Blog (or is it “Blawg”?), the hot topics were In re Kubin and the summary affirmance of Classen by the Fed. Cir. Today, along with the looming AIA regulations, Mayo v. Prometheus and … Continue reading

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