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Happy Birthday to Us! We are 7 Years Old!

In fact, Patents4Life’s birthday was in late March of 2009, but the earliest posts were short papers I wrote for an IP newsletter that no longer exists. However, the s. 101 storm clouds were gathering even then. One article (in … Continue reading

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Patents4Life is Four Years Old

On March 24th, Patents4Life forgot to celebrate its 4th anniversary. On March 24, 2009, I started the blog (or is it “blawg”) by posting three articles on fairly recent Fed. Cir. decisions. One of the articles discussed the application of … Continue reading

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Prometheus v. Mayo and Classen v. Biogen Sent Back to Federal Circuit

  Not unexpectedly, today the Supreme Court granted cert. in Prometheus v. Mayo, (09-490) vacated, and remanded to the Fed. Cir. for reconsideration in view of Bilski v. Kappos, decided yesterday. While this clears the Court’s collective desk, I don’t … Continue reading

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PTO Issues Interim Examination Instructions for Patentable Subject Matter and Invites Comments

On August 24, the PTO issued interim instructions (not rules) to guide Examiners post-Bilski. I did not see this as a major event, given that the Supreme Court will soon be reviewing the Bilski “machine or transformation” (M or T) … Continue reading

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